The Kailunas II Family

Trey~ “Ray Ray Kailunas”

Latest Updates:

Trey received his white belt with a yellow stripe in Tae Kwon Do!

Trey has worked diligently for all A’s for the third marking period in his first year at East Grand Rapids Middle School!

He is currently playing on two outdoor lacrosse teams; EGR Blue travel and EGR Rec.


· Choir

· Tae Kwon Do

· Student Council

· Altar Server~ St. Paul the Apostle


· Drink: Muscle Milk

· Show: Sports Center

· Band: Cold Play

· College Team: Norte Dame

· NFL Team: Chicago Bears

· Food: Steak

· Color: Navy Blue

· Store: NFL Shop


Bermuda 2008

Fast food on the Mighty Madison, MT. 2007

Visting Papa “Fish Sticks” at the hospital Detroit, MI. 2007